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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  April 12, 2013 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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with a>> good morning everyone. i am patti ann browne. >> i am heather nauert. it is friday april 12th. >> we open up with an extreme weather alert. they are now to blame for at least three deaths. one twister caught on camera in the state of mississippi look at this damaging mobile homes toppling over trees and flipping over an 18 wheel truck. >> two people were killed and others injured when a tornado hit a business. debris from the business is
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scattered through the woods across the street. let's get to maria molina for more on this wild and dangerous deadly weather. >> good morning heather, patti ann. good morning everyone. 119 reports of severe weather during the overnight hours. yesterday from the storm system yet again we are looking at a threat for more severe storms as we head into later on today. those 119 reports of severe weather were reported from kentucky all of the way down to parts of louisiana and also parts of the florida panhandle. another widespread area that saw sever weather yesterday, 9 reports of tornadoes is what we saw. on the other side of this storm system we are seeing snow reported across parts of the midwest record snow across south dakota. no in parts of south dakota and heaviest concentrated across parts of the great lakes. this is a zone you could be looking at 8-12 inches of snow
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the marquette area in the u.p. area of michigan parts of new york and new england a wintery mix. be careful on the roadways as you head out to work. we have a number of winter weather advisorys in effect. the severe weather risk parts of north carolina and southeastern virginia through out the afternoon hours today. this is currently a tornado watch in raleigh and north carolina. we see more tornadic activity from the storms as they push eastward. keep that in mind parts of south carolina and north carolina still under a tornado risk. you are looking at heavy rain. flash flooding is a concern out here across parts of the carolinas through the morning hours. heather, patti ann temperatures much cooler across the northeast. 70 degrees will be the high in new york city and only in the 30s in minneapolis. >> we will check in with you
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later. >> while you were sleeping secretary of state john kerry arriving in south korea amid escalating concerns about north korea. hours earlier we learned defense intelligence agency reports found that north korea is likely capable of arming a missile with a nuclear war head. caution that they would have low reliability. it is troubling sign of kim jong-un's intentions. >> it is dangerous. the guy is a clown he is a fool. so is his father and grandfather. they have nuclear weapons and they have missiles the key to this is china. the chinese can control what the north koreans do. >> national intelligence denies north korea developed the type of weapons mentioned in the report. we will have a live report from south korea coming up later in the show. a lot galloing on there.
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>> the second white supremacist has been raised. thomas gouly was found in colorado springs. the names of goulee and james lower came up during the investigation of the murder of tom clements. ebel was killed during a shoot-out they believe he kill add pizza delivery drive and used the victim's uniform to get clements to answer the door. >> they are looking at what caused this deadly bus crash. two people were killed and more than 40 injured after a coach bus crash nude the concrete barrier and flipped over. good samaritans saw the accident and went to help. >> wanted to get everybody on the bus that was okay off into the field and get those injured off the bus. >> a lot of the passengers
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weren't wearing seat belts causing them to be finned -- pinned after the bus hit the barrier. >> your share of the nation's debt will sky rocket under president owe bobama's white ho plan. the share of the economy will hit a peak of 78 percent next year. the debt is close to $17 trillion. an army guard was reunited with his dog from afghanistan. the two quickly bonded and he took her back to his base. when he was deployed he learned it would cost 4,000 dollars to bring her home and that's when a puppy rescue group stepped in raising the money for him in just a few hours. great story. all the like to hear it. that is your 5@5:00. >> the controversy between jay-z
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and beyonce trip to cuba after he released a song about the visit. >> it was a rap song he used it to say he received white house clearance for the trip. elizabeth prann is here to talk to us about it. something gate. j gate. >> it was released on-line. he is responding to criticism about the purpose and legality about his trip to cuba. in the latest title called open letter he says he was singled out because of his relationship with the president. he mimicked republicans who talked about the treasury. he talked about restriction of trade with cuba. here's a little of the song. ♪
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>> despite the numerous white house references jay carney says in no way shape or form was the president involved in the couple's 5 year celebration. >> i would say a couple of things. decisions made about cultural travel and academic travel are made by the treasury department and i would refer you to specific cases to the treasury department it has been the case that under this administration we have eased the ability to travel to cuba for those purposes. but the decision that the individual level are made at the treasury department not here. >> responding to some of the congressman's complaints treasury department has responded saying site seeing is allowed during the off hours of an educational visit. jay-z and beyonce fulfilled their educational op gageses by meeting with a theert group and
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taublging to a group of students at a theater there. more help for struggling home owners whose mortgages are still under water. joining us with more is lauren simonetti. >> help for home owners is coming. fannie mae are offering that relief for under water home
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mortgag mortgages. ov oov
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it is time for your fox news health fix. and a roundup of today's top medical stories. good morning, anna. >> good morning, everybody at home. weight loss surgery may help shrink your waistline but may alter your genes as well. it improved the body's ability to burn fat and sugars properly. drink up. women with breast cancer who had a few alcoholic drinks each week were slightly less likely to die from their cancer, according to a new study. a team found those who drank 3
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to 6 were 15% less likely to die from the december over 11 years after their initial diagnosis. however, researchers are saying regular drinking also raises a woman's risk of developing breast cancer in the first place. mexico city now wants restaurants to remove salt shakers from its tables. studies show mexicans are eating three times the recommended amount of salt. they are launching a campaign called less salt, more health. the chamber is urging its members to comply. for more information on these stories and all your latest health news, visit should the dairy industry be able to hide what's in milk in order to get your kids to drink it? they want to add an ingredient and not list it on their
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container. douglas kennedy spoke to a farmer outraged by this proposal. douglas? >> reporter: hi, anna and patty. most people argue it's good for kids to drink their milk. should the dairy industry be able to hide what's in their milk in order to get more kids to drink it. this farmer in new york says no. a dairy farmer in new york hudson valley says he needs to know what's in his food before he eats it. you're an all natural farmer. you want your food as natural as possible. >> i want my food as all natural. we pride yourself trying to making it legible. >> that's driving outrage over a new proposal from the dairy industry. nonorganic milk makers are now asking the food and drug administration to discard labeling requirements when they add aspartame to milk.
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if they add a an artificial sweetener they have to warn customers. >> it is a noncarcinogenic. leave the milk alone. >> they have inundated the fda with with complaints about the proposal, including this petition which already has over 100,000 signatures. the dairy industry says it's just trying to encourage more children to drink milk. >> milk is a wonderful, nutritious beverage. >> the dairy foods association. >> kids can be skeptical if they're labeled reduced calorie milk, no sugar milk. >> more kids will drink milk if there are no labels on it. what do you say to that? >> it seems ludicrous to me.
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>> he said people should know what's in their food so they can decide whether they want to eat it or not. that's it from here. back to you, heather and patty ann. >> a lot of parents i imagine will be outraged by that. many already are. >> 26 after the hour. north korea has nukes. but just how big a threat are they? you can call it a boys club. we'll tell you why one school is testing out an all boys algebra class and the same for girls. are single gender classrooms a good idea? this day in history in 1954, bill haley and the comets recorded this song "rock around the clock." ♪
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thank you orville and wilbur... ...amelia... neil and buzz: for teaching us that you can't create the future...
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good morning and welcome to fox and friends first. >> it is 30 minutes after the hour. we are following two major stories this morning. spring storms turning deadly in the midwest. overnight, secretary of state john kerry landing in south korea as we learn more about the north's nuclear capability. a live report in just minutes. but first we begin with an extreme weather alert.
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rain storms are to blame for at least three deaths. a storm chaser caught this scary sight on camera near tuscaloosa, alabama yesterday. numerous reports of damage, including downed trees and power lines. luckily, no reports of injuries. in the state of georgia, the same storm did some serious damage north of atlanta. high winds blowing a roof right off a business. you can see it right here. other areas seeing trees down and power outages. let's get to maria with more on the weather. it's not over yet. >> that's right. not over yet. still looking at a threat as we head into later today and throughout the morning hours. several tornado watches we'll point out to you in a moment. i want to show you where we saw the severe weather yesterday. it was widespread. kentucky, tennessee, the carolinas and parts of louisiana and even the florida panhandle saw some form of severe weather yesterday, damaging wind gusts, large hail, even tornados. we have two areas i want to
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highlight in mississippi and louisiana. we actually had one confirmed tornado in louisiana. ef-0 confirmed. and reports of power lines coming down in mississippi. that storm system on the move today. we have winter weather to talk about. winter weather advisories because more snow is possible across sections of new england and the upper great lakes. and that tornado watch, including parts of virginia, north carolina, and south carolina through later this morning. >> very troubling, thank you. it could be a troubling new warning about north korea's intentions. a defense intelligence agency report finds north korea likely has the capability of arming a missile with a nuclear warhead. but the pentagon is down playing that report. david piper is live in south korea with the very latest for us. good morning, david.
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>> reporter: good morning. he is on his first leg of his asian tour. high tensions over concerns that north korea is about to test a missile. the secretary of state went straight into meetings with military leaders here. a senior state department official traveling with kerry on the plane was quoted as saying we will show to our allies that we are prepared and we will defend them. kerry will also be visiting beijing and tokyo on this trip. and despite north korea continue to go raise tensions, some people here in the south have been out protesting kerry's visit. one of the placards read, stop the hostile policy towards north korea. and john kerry, go to north korea. one protester warned the u.s. and surrounding countries are stimulating north korea and war could break out accidentally. as for north korea, well, they're building up to celebrate the birthday of the founder of the country.
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the grandfather of kim jong-un. today they staged a flower and missile display in front of a huge portrait of the country's founder. the it leastest report suggests north korea has one or more missiles to test. and there has been a suggestion here they may fire that missile april 15th, the the birth date of north korea's founder kim ill sung. >> thank you. and now to other stories making the mother of one of the benghazi terror attack victims is endorsing republicans push for a select committee investigation. sean smith's mother, patricia, wrote to frank wolf, please, please, help me find out who is responsible and fix it so no more of our sons and daughters are abandoned by the country they love. smith was an i.t. officer, one of the four americans killed, including our ambassador. new information about the man in georgia who held five
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firefighters hostage for hours before he was killed by police. investigators say the 55-year-old brown had been planning this attack for weeks. police say that brown faked a heart attack in order to lure the firefighters inside his house. and they say he specifically chose firefighters because he knew they wouldn't have guns. after nearly four hours, s.w.a.t. team entered the home and deployed diversion devices. brown shot at the first officer who came into his bedroom, the officer returned fire, killing him. . a florida couple charged with kidnapping their two young sons and taking them to cuba will be back in a tampa courtroom today. a judge is set to determine whether joshua and sharon hakken will be granted bond. they lost custody of their boys after they were found with drugs and weapons. the children's maternal grandparents were granted custody. joshua hakken broke into the home, tied up his mother-in-law
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and took the the children. grandparents say they are relieved the boys are safe. >> they called us from cuba and let us talk to the boys before the plane even left. and believe me, many tears were shed in that room from us and this group you see here. >> the little boys don't know they were ever in any danger. they think they went on a sailboat trip to another country and got to fly back home. the number of people under the age of 65 with employer-sponsored coverage dropping from 69% to 56% within the last decade. that's 222,000 fewer people covered. the report also finding that the average annual family premium more than doubled to nearly $14,000. there were just four states that
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had larger declines than that. well, dreams really do come true at disneyland. a little girl stops by snow white's wishing well. her wish with was to see her father again. and lieutenant scott brown sure did surprise his 4-year-old daughter and 14-month-old son. he has been in afghanistan for the past seven months. and that's your five at 5:30. >> that's great. listen to this story. the tension over jay-z and beyonce's cuba trip is growing this morning after the rapper released a song called open
2:38 am
letter. he's now taking shots at lawmakers who have been criticizing his visit. live in washington with the latest. doug, bet you never thought you would be covering jay-z. >> it isn't often you hear the white house having to look at rap lyrics. jay-z has to explain how it was that the rapper and his wife beyonce were able to travel to cuba. as the couple arrived in havana to celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary. they had permission from the treasury department for an educational exchange. it created a lot of controversy around here in washington where a number of members of congress were furious. now jay-z fired back in the form of a rap.
2:39 am
♪ let me commit a real crime >> well, beyond the possibility of a chilling on the beach, did they help facilitate the trip? there was no involvement the latest song notwithstanding. >> are you saying the president did not have a conversation -- >> i am absolutely saying the white house and the president on down had to do with anybody's travel to due could you about. that is something the treasury handles. >> they had been big supporters of the president. the treasury department acknowledges that the trip was approved. heather, jay carney said no word rhymes with treasury and that's why it wasn't mentioned in the song. >> i'm not buying that one. to other headlines now, we know this year's "american idol" will be a female. the final male was voted off last night.
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>> unfortunately we have to say good-bye. >> you made a mark on this competition. i'm going to show you will never forget. thank you for everything. >> that leaves five lady toss battle it out for the season 12 title. and they got some inspiration from the one who started it all, kelly clarkson. the original idol returned to the show to perform her new single. a brawl at dodgers/padres game. carlos quintin was hit by pitcher zach grenke in this fight. he wound up with with a broken collarbone. to the masters, 14-year-old chinese player, the youngest to ever tee off at the masters shot a 1 over 73 on the day. how about this hole in one by jamie donaldson. the fifth golfer to get a hole in one on the sixth hole in august a. and tiger woods and
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his skier girlfriend lindsay vaughan. >> it is now 40 minutes after the the hour. coming up, just how bad is the city of detroit? >> i mean, crime, you can't get a street light. that's coming up next. >> dishonoring our heroes? what jane fonda said that has some of our nation's veterans outraged. with the spark miles card from capital one, bjorn earns unlimited rewas for his small business take theseags to room 12 please. [ garth ] bjors small busiss earns double miles on every purchase every day. produce delivery. [ bjorn ] just put it on my spark card. [ garth why settle for less? ahh, oh! [ garth ] great businesses deserve limited reward here's your wake up call. [ male announcer ] get the spark business card from capital one and earn unlimited rewards.
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good morning to you. 16 minutes before the hour. here's a look at headlines for you. putting government spending in perspective. there's a new report that suggests that the combined federal, state, and local government their spending equals $50,000 per household.
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and that's more than the u.s. median household income, which is just a shade above $49,000. we'll separate the boys from the girls boost grades? a detroit school thinks so. it's trying a new pilot program. math, science, social security high school classes. administrators believe that studies prove students focus better when they're surrounded in class by their own gender. you ever do that? >> no. i went co-ed. but it's an interesting theory. >> it worked for me. >> just how bad is the struggling city of detroit? jessie water takes waters world on the road to motor city to find out. >> a violent two weeks in detroit. >> 32 murders in 15 days. >> the poorest big city in america. 40% of the people here are on food stamps. the jobless rate is 11.3%.
2:46 am
>> it's bad. it's bad. crime. >> i'll just be real about it. we could put billions and billions of dollars overseas and rebuild people's economies but not put one quarter into our cities. >> people want a clean city, a safe city, a smart city, education and also protection, police and fire. >> we found out it has never been inspected. all the ladders are grounded. if you're on the third floor, good luck getting out. guys will answering calls. people grab the hooks, the ladders, the chainsaws because there's no police unit available to back them up. >> are you frightened to be walking around in your own city? >> no. >> you take care of yourself. >> right. >> they are the victim of a crime. they are going to be waiting for the police to show up. >> we don't have to live like this. we can do better. we're americans. it ends in "i can."
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>> well, time now 46 after the hour. did you just upgrade the software on your smartphone and it doesn't work? don't worry. clayton has solutions for that. a man is lucky to be alive after being struck by a bullet all thanks to his belt buckle. we have the incremental story coming up. first, a preview of what's coming up in a little bit on fox and friends. >> hey, happy friday, ladies. coming up, kids these days have no manners, right? some don't even know how to shake hands. well, mr. manners thomas harley is here today to help. and heading to the movies this weekend, your must-sees at the box office including "42." and it's national grilled cheese sandwich day. plus, newborn puppy pictures.
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fox and friends kicks off 12 minutes from now right here on your channel for news.'d it go? well, dad, i spent my childhood living with monks learning the art of dealmaking. you've mastered monkey-style kung fu? no. priceline is different now. you don't even have to bid. master hahn taught you all that? oh, and he says to say (translated from cantonese) "you still owe him five bucks."
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your accent needs a little work.
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nine until the top of the hour. they fought to preserve our freedom. but jane fonda has this message for veterans boycotting her new movie in which she plays nancy reagan. she says get a life. she could play the former first lady in "the butler". >> a grocery store employee proved a belt is more than just an accessory. it could also be a life saver. a stray let came through and hit the man right on the buckle. police arrested the alleged shooter. okay. technology is supposed to make our lives a whole lot easier.
2:52 am
sometimes it makes it a lot more difficult. fox and friends weekend anchor clayton morris is here answering our gadget questions. read the first e-mail. elizabeth from florida says, i have an iphone 4 and i just completed the most recent software upgrade. ever since then my phone repeatedly freezes when i open up certain programs, especially the call log. how do i fix this? >> sometimes when you do this it's worth redoing it again. i would say back up your phone. plug it in. if you're not using i cloud. i cloud works very well. update and upload your photos and videos. so get everything off the phone. then simply do this. hold your phone down, thehe home button and the top button assignmently for 8 or 7 seconds. it will do a restore. >> a rebooting. it's a computer app. you have to refoot your computer every once in a while. if that doesn't work, erase all
2:53 am
content and restore it. you delete everything but everything is saved in the cloud. third step, go to the apple store and have them look at it. >> here's our second from george from des moines writes, i just got an iphone. after installing gmail i can't get to it to update automatically. in order to see e-mails i have to get into mail and refresh it. >> that's very easy. go into settings in mail. you probably have it on manual which means every time you launch the application that's when it is finally going to the server to pull your e-mail down. instead set it up to fetch. that means you can set it up every 10 minutes to fetch automatically for you. so all your e-mails is already there. you don't have to do it manually. >> tabitha from boston said i'm working on a project involving a lot of scheduling.
2:54 am
what's will be compatible with everyone's computer or phone. >> there's no better calendar across all platforms than google calendar. accessible from everyone's phone, on the web. you can add their e-mail. give them access for administrative, edit or just to view. create a shared soccer calendar for the kids. google calendar is probably the best application. i've looked at all of them. >> you can't get mad at your significant other. >> my wife says, it's in your calendar! >> we have that conversation at my house a lot. thank you so much. see you this weekend. >> thanks. >> it is now 54 minutes past the hour. a not so smooth criminal. when you try to steal something you may want to stay on your feet when you're trying to run to get away. it's all part of the good, the bad, and the ugly. and your last chance to vote on the favorite viral video of the
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>> two minutes before the hour as we look at the good, the bad, and the ugly. first the good, the 16-year-old girl saved her 79-year-old neighbor who was trapped under a 500-pound tree. the girl heard the elderly woman calling for help and the teen then called 911 and her father helped lift the tree off the woman who is now in stable condition. next the bad, this 81-year-old florida man accused of being the leader of a major drug ring. arthur cox says allegations aren't true and he can't remember if he did it or not. he was arrested along with four others after a six-month narcotic sting. the ugly, a robber in arizona steals a set of golf clubs but his get away is not a hole in one.
2:59 am
he trips over his golf bag as he tries to run away. the bumbeling burglar did get away with the clubs with the help of an accomplice. >> time for your brew on this question of the day responses. we showed you these viral videos from the week. the dancing dad, the amazing deer fight and the duckling cat odd couple and asked which is your favorite. >> michelle tweets i vote for the odd couple video. the kitty and the duckling. that was so sweet. >> sean e-mails the deer fight has my vote. >> ryan tweets the video with the two dear -- deer fighting is amazing but i love the odd couple. >> the winner is the odd couple. 79% of the vote. the deer fight came in second with 12%. dancing dad 9%. he had my vote. >> you're partial to the dads and the kids. monday we want to tell but


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